Directions For Use

Top tips before you start

  • For ladies, ensure underarm area is clean, dry and hair is removed or closely trimmed. If you shave your armpits using a hand razor, leave the skin to settle down for 24 hours before applying the patch.
  • Do not apply deodorant or antiperspirant as this is not needed and will reduce the stickiness.
  • Avoid using lotions before applying the patch.

How to apply Gan Uisce patch

  • Remove the white paper backing to reveal the adhesive side. Be careful not to touch the adhesive part.
  • Fully outstretch your arm overhead so the armpit area is as flat as possible. Firmly attach the patch to the centre of the underarm with the narrow end facing down.
  • Press firmly around the clear edges until fully adhered for approximately 10 seconds.
  • Once in place, carefully remove both parts of the paper cover by detaching at the arrows on the centre of the strip. Be careful not to pull the patch away from the skin.
  • Press firmly around the adhesive area ensuring adhesion to the skin.
  • Put on your brightest top and continue your day with confidence.
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