Our Story

My name is MaryRose Shanahan. I have just finished my third year of business studies majoring in management in Cork Institute of Technology.

My idea came about from personal experience. This proved how underarm sweat stains cause embarrassment and unease both for the sufferer and also for the people around them, but rarely was anything said about it. People weren’t willing to discuss the problem. My friends used to put tissues under their arms. After a short distance, the tissues had fallen out. They tried again and the same thing would happen. It was extremely frustrating for them.

Further research quickly showed me just how disastrous an effect excessive sweating can have on a person’s confidence, abilities and the kind of strains it puts on everyday life. It is more of a problem than most people realize. I was convinced that a discreet, comfortable and healthy solution was needed. I searched for underarm sweat patches in shops but couldn’t find anything that came close only online. So I decided to invent something myself that would be available to buy on the Irish market in shops.

In August 2018 I hope to launch Gan Uisce. This is a discreet, flexible, adhesive pad that can be worn with or without deodorant. I will also be selling my product online. The box is going to be specifically designed to be small enough to fit through an average post box, so people won’t have to collect it in the post office after ordering online.

086-3912232 uisceinfo@gmail.com Monday-Saturday 8am-6pm Sunday-Closed
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